Northwick Medical, Florence Nightingale of the 21st Century 



Northwick-Medical is your lifeline in any emergency situation. Be it medical assistance or evacuation. You can depend on Northwick Medical.

Our team of multilingual repatriation specialists will organise everything from road transfers to (inter)national air transport on board of one of our latest state of the art air-ambulances, at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. 



Our control Center co-ordinates the transports of the surgery teams as well as the organ. It thus ensures a fast and efficient journey from the donor to the receiver, knowing that some organs can only be preserved over a very short period of time. Numerous people owe their lives to  organ transportations carried out every year.    


Our Medical Equipment

Our aircrafts are equipped with the most modern state of the art Air Medical Interior.

 IV Mounts (4)

Wiring harness and master panel breaker   relay 

Supply Outlets: Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum

Stretcher Fabric: Flame retardant, easy to clean.

Stretcher has fully adjustable backrest, thick foam pad, light weight, durable frame and expandable armrests which result in increased patient comfort. Expandable arm rests better accommodate bariatric patients and allow medical crew more access for patient care.

Patient monitoring devices and medical equipment can be secured to module using different models of equipment tables, bridges, and IV poles.

Overhead/Medwall supply panel is movable along the length of the patient or fully removable. The Medwall features an exam light and second set of pneumatic outlets, keeping aisles free from clutter and equipment.

Draeger/Airshield T1500 incubator.

Professional Medical Equipment Kit: - Zoll X Series - Oxylog 3000+ Ventilation - Braun Space Infusion Pump - Braun Space Syringe Pump (3) - External Operation Light - O2 Flow Meter and Silicon Masks Adult/Child - Vacuum Regulator/Cannister - Life Blanket Package - Medical Equipment Mounts (7)

Modular systems can be configured to secure a stretcher for adult patients or an infant transport deck for securing an incubator and cylinder housing for neonatal patients.