I attribute my success to this; I never gave or took any excuse.  Florence Nightingale


Who are we:

Northwick Medical Services BV is part of the Engage Aviation Group with offices in the USA, Dubai and Singapore.

Northwick Medical becomes a major operator  for all medical flights, such as repatriations via our owned well maintained air ambulances,  We work together with highly experienced emergency centers by providing our services to Insurance Companies, Multinationals and Governmental clients.

The Northwick Air Ambulance Aircrafts are EU registered and operated according EASA standards


Our team consists of highly trained medical staff and includes, among others traumatologists, intensivists and intensive care nurses. So you always get someone on the phone who knows what they are talking about. 
Another important point is that our flight crew is special trained to fly this type of delicate missions and they are common to operate in difficult areas such as war zones.

Green footprint:

We all know flying is not good for the environment but we can't without them, so where possible we will use for our flights BIO-feul as much as possible and in addition we shall compensate the CO2 of all our flights with various sustainable projects.