I attribute my success to this; I never gave or took any excuse.  Florence Nightingale

Who are we:

As founders of Northwick Medical, we have over 15 years of repatriation experience. We identified how this could be done better. That is why we founded Northwick Medical: a well-known name in healthcare, a new name in repatriation.

After Albert Plesman founded the world's first airline, the world rapidly became smaller. Today, we can reach every corner of the earth due to increased economic prosperity. And we do this en masse. But during such a trip, people can become seriously ill or have an accident. They will want to go home. And that is where we come in. 


Medical teams
Northwick Medical has BIG registered healthcare personnel. Our doctors are experienced intensivists and anesthetists and work in leading hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our nurses have completed a CZO-recognised ambulance nursing course. In addition, they are specialised as emergency room nurses, ICU nurses or anesthesia nurses. Preferably, our medical team flies out to the patient one day before the return flight to arrange the transfer.


Our pilots have spent thousands of hours in the cockpit. They are aware of the medical mission of their flight: they are at the service of the medical personnel on board. Patient safety is paramount.

Green footprint:

We all know flying is not good for the environment but we can't without them, so where possible we will use for our flights BIO-feul as much as possible and in addition we shall compensate the CO2 of all our flights with various sustainable projects.