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Our fleet

Performance and reliability

We have two Hawker 900 XP aircraft and a Beechcraft Kingair 350 aircraft in our fleet.

For critical air ambulance missions Hawker Beechcraft has a long history in Medevac production, They having manufactured nearly 40 percent of all airplanes currently registered to air ambulance operators around the globe – almost twice as many as the next manufacturer.            
The reason why; Outstanding mission-readiness and range,  Proven efficiency and dispatch reliability,  Cruise above weather Comfortable, stand-up, pressurized cabin and is the 900XP certified for grass and gravel runways Access patients from smaller airports.

The aircrafts has a non-stop range of 2818 nm | 5219 km and a average cruise speed of 448 kn | 831 km/h

Speed, comfort and versatility 


This is especially critical when there are lives at stake. King Air aircraft feature large, pressurized, environmentally controlled cabins and the high dash speeds and range required to expeditiously transport critical-care patients. Additionally, the King Air 350 series is capable of operating from short runways, providing additional flexibility during life-and-death situations in remote areas. Cabins may be fitted with medical sleds and cabinetry from all major equipment suppliers. Interior installations are either permanent (medical floor covering and easily cleaned sidewalls). Beechcraft has built more air ambulances than any other manufacturer. 

The Beechcraft Super KingAir 350 (EMS) ER has a non stop range of 1806 nm | 3345 km and a avarage cruise speed of 312kn | 578 km/h



Medical equipment

Our ambulance aircraft are permanently equipped with modern intensive care equipment. The IC unit does not have to be integrated each time; all equipment is coordinated. Our Hawker aircraft are equipped with the advanced Spectrum Aeromed 2800 system and the Beechcraft the Lifeport Plus System. No extra oxygen containers are required for intubated patients.

For our precious newborns we carry them in our Dräger Isolotte TI-500 transport incubator, is there a risk of infection? We will transport the infected patient safely in the EPI shuttle. Is a double stretcher required? Our Hawker/Beechcraft has one on board. Because our aircraft are permanently equipped as ambulance aircraft, you are not only assured of good quality care, we are also able to act quickly. In an emergency, we fly to the destination within one or two hours of the initial phone call.